Khari Kamai- A community Project done by our students.

Giving others is practising humanity! Our Khari Kamai was not just about teaching children that every job is valuable but also how they can multiply that value through basic human kindness.

Khari kamai was a concept created to encourage students earn by doing small odd jobs like watering the plants, helping mom bake, wash dad’s car, arranging their wardrobe, pressing granny’s feet and more.Our Community Project earnings this year went out to Animal Rescue Trust and Santulan.

The children handed over the cheques to both the organisations when they were in school. They interacted with the representatives of both the organisations and were shown videos of the work that these organisations do.

Our students have inculcated values like love, care and share and have learnt to value money, to value time, to value labour through this project.

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