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About Suyog Sunderji Teachers' Training Institute

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Established in 2017, Suyog Sunderji Teachers’ Training institute is a premier institute working in the field of education.

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At the Suyog Sunderji Teachers’ Training Institute, we try our best to groom and prepare skillful and creative teachers, who are taught to combine intelligence and humanity with enthusiasm and love to be the right teachers responsible to mould the budding minds of our future citizens.

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Our N.C.T.E (National Council of Teachers’ Education) approved certificate course curriculum incorporates the latest trends and developments in teacher education. It is a comprehensive course in which we make an effort to make it intensive as well as interesting for the trainees.

Final Examination

The trainees are given an exposure in different educational philosophies through internships and practical experience. We maintain a perfect balance between theory and practical aspects.

Final Examination

Our teachers are in great demand and routinely get placements in prestigious schools even before completion of the course.

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The Teachers' Training Institute At A Glance

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Recognized Nationally and Internationally
Preparing for 21st Century Education
Blended Learning Internship at Prestigious School
Study Tours Within and Outside Pune
Guest Lectures on Contemporary Topics
5 Professional Subjects & 5 Creative Subjects
100 % Placement Support

Time Commitment & Job Opportunities

Time Commitment & Job Opportunities

At A Glance:
Duration: 1 Hour
4 Days a Week (From Monday- Thursday) Includes Online Lectures, Offline Internships and Blended Learning

Job Opportunities:
Kindergarten Schools
National Schools
International Schools
Hobby Classes
Activity Class

Who Can Apply?

Who Can Apply?

Women passionate about working with kids
Existing teachers to upgrade to new teaching techniques
Parents to engage and understand their child
Homemakers who are looking for job with flexible timings

Life at Suyog Sunderji Teachers' Training Institute


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Preeja Nalawade

The teachers training course at SSTTI is definitely the best. It’s a year full of hard work but once the course is completed you realise that it's worth it. The training gives you ample opportunity to learn, observe and interact with kids. The faculty is the best with thorough knowledge and very cooperative and one of the reasons why you sail through the course. The course enhances your teaching skills and also brings out your hidden potential.

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Renu Sharma

This Teacher's training has a great impact on teaching and learning process where we learn different strategies which help us to manage the class control. This training teaches us how to include the sensory touch in making teaching aids and model which create curiosity and fun amongst children. This training gave us the opportunity to attend different workshop and internship in different school which helped us to implement the best practice in our class and understand the different phases of child development which is very useful in class room situation. It also focuses on hands on activity which help them think, observe or solve problem.

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Prashasti Gulati

In Suyog Sunderji Teachers' Training Institute I explored
1. Class management
2. Age appropriate activities
3. Playway methods
4. How to conduct lesson plans
5. Teaching Aids
6. Group work amongst children
The above activities are regularly conducted in my classes no matter whether virtual teaching or actual teaching. These activities has made me more comfortable in teaching learning methods. We use flashcards, make small puppets for role playing classes. We also do different activities, play games on groups for different topics.

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Sheetal Dhage

Hello I am Sheetal Dhage, I have undergone training at Suyog Sunderji Teacher's Training Institute and I am happy to share my experience of learning at the institute which I am encorporating in my classes.
1. *Story telling* is essential part of teachers training which stimulates and nurtures language, socio- emotioanal and so many required skills of children.
2. *Art & craft* cover wide range of areas from speaking & reading to listening & understanding in early childhood.
3. *Creative Lesson planning* plays vital role in school curriculum which is the important factor of our training .
4. *Inquiry based learning* through which child start thinking and connecting with real world
5. we use *pre coding activities* in our lessons which will develope their reasoning and logical skills.

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Anuradha Trivedi

Hello I am Anuradha Trivedi , trainee of batch 2019-20. I would like to share my experience about this institute. This institute is the best institute to learn how to become a good teacher, how to conduct good lesson plan and hands on activities in classroom. Mentors are very supportive. Thank you

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