Teerth Surana at TedEd

We are happy to share that our student Teerth Surana from Grade IV B participated in Ted ED organised by RHYNS TedEd Club.Riddhi Doshi and Raj Shah are the mentors running club from past 5 years.They had trained more than 150 students across India.Teerth’s topic was making an interactive worksheet to reduce plastic at source using 3Rs. The Ted Ed program which happened on 5 th Feb had 16 participants from the age group of 9 to 18 years across India. All presented their ideas which were vibrant and was solving some social or society challenge.The best part about the Ted Ed club is tinkering process is done by the mentors and guidance is given by experts so that kids come with their own ideas, expressions, and solutions.Teerth also shared his experience of TedEd with the whole school which was an inspiration to others.

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